The Beginning Is Always Today. Contemporary Feminist Art in Scandinavia.
SKMU Sørlandets Kunstmuseum, Kristianssand, 2013.

The Exhibition is the first broad presentation of an actively feministic art scene in Scandinavia. Over 40 artists from Denmark, Sweden and Norway are represented through a selection of works ranging from sculptures, photos and installations to videos, live performances, books, archives, activism and teaching. Feminist art from the last 20 years points forwards and backwards simultaneously. It conceives of new possiblities and offers alternative images and understandings of contemporary society. At the same time, it perpetuates ideas from the first generations of feminists who successfully fought for women’s suffrage in 1913. Some of the artists work in direct relation to historical percursors; others put the battle for women’s rights in current global perspective. With great seriousness and much humour, the exhibition challenges our assumptions about gender, roles, stereotypes, power, minorities, culture, history, and rights. With this exhibition, we aim to shed light on the development of feminism and feminist art in general, but also seek to portray the conditions, aspirations and rights of women in our own era.

Bob Smith

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META - Bob Smith - Art curator Bob Smith, 1991/2013