Some extracts from : “Four Weddings and a Phony Man –Introducing the Bob Smith Project” by Frederikke Hansen. In the beginning of the 90's four artists created a character who was received by their contemporary colleagues and critics as an invention, if not of Mary Shelleian dimensions, then at least as something unnecessary and without interest. The character represented patriarchy, or more precisely, the art institution as a hypostasis of patriarchy. The four - Susan Hinnum, Ann Kristin Lislegaard, Eva Larsson and Christine Melchiors - were among the group of younger artists who attempted to break with the hegemony of the neo-expressive simulation painting and the neo-academic sculpture - so-called postmodern practices that had dominated largely unassailed and unquestioned throughout the decade.

Bob Smith

Il y a 4 ans

/ Projets collectifs

META - Bob Smith - Gadetegn, Copenhagen 1991.