“B2” - 2004 MOVING SCULPTURE. 29 SKATEBOARDS ASSEMBLED ON A STEEL STRUCTURE, PLASTIC HELMETS, BLACK TSHIRTS. (389 X 248 X 20 CM) War machines have been a topic and a challenge for artists during the Renassaince. Davide Bertocchi conceived a vehicle which, although it is built with 29 standard assembled skateboards, borrows its shape from the famous profile of the scariest war plane bomber : the B2. What intrigues the artist is the particular black shape of this airplane designed to be menacing but also the idea of transforming skateboarding from an indivuidualistic experience to a collective action. The skateboards give to this form a different reading, a softer edge. It is a sort of deceiving weapon, which is what the B2 is supposed to be as it was built to fly avoiding detection. This moving unidentified object will be used by a misterious team of skateboarders around the “Parking.' above: installation view at Palais de Tokyo, Paris. below: installation view during the show “Parking”, CAC Bretigny.


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